Acceptable Elasticsearch versions

Hi all!

I just learn the VSF, so I took the demo and try to create the same infrastructure (vue-storefront, vue-storefront-api, mage2vuestorefront, Elasticsearch, Redis, …) to connect clean VSF (w/o demo data) to my own Magento 2 instance.

I found that VSF demo works with Elasticsearch v5.x.

Does 5.x the only acceptable version to run VSF? What about ES version 7.x, the newest version for now?

It’s quite doubtful for me to use application that is based on outdated versions of the services.



Hi Alex; From VS 1.11 Elastic 7.x will be supported. You can find a proper Pull Request just waiting to be merged in (or already merged into develop branch?) adding this support. Check the vue-storefront-api project. VS 1.11 is planned to be released before Christmas- however it’s already stable enough to start a new project on it

Thanks, Piotr.

Yes, I found this PR - PR-342. I’ll try to setup develop branch of vue-storefront-api in my deployment. I’m very impressed by VSF, it’s the great app!!

Good luck, guys,


Hi Piotr.

I’ve tried to setup VSF to run with Elasticsearch. I have ES version 7.3.2 (this ES version is used in your Docker image) and VSF API code from release/v1.11-rc1:

git clone -b "release/v1.11-rc1"

My config for Elasticsearch is different then yours but ES service starts and works.

I see that VSF API uses different approach to work with ES v7 and mage2vuestorefront too.

I’ve configured vue-storefront-api & mage2vuestorefront to work with ES v7 and I have the positive result. I see Magento products in the browser/mobile:

Thanks for the stuff. Great work!


Great to hear that! It’s about to be merged into 1.11 stable