Appropriate location for registering a module

Hello team,
Hope you are doing great.
I need your kind help in registering a module.
I am using, 1.12.0 release of Vue Storefront with the Capybara theme.

I have created a sample example module, can be referred at with a route /liked.

Here is the tutorial I am following this tutorial for creating a module

In the 5th step of ‘2-1. Recipe A (Manual bootstrapping)’ section,
It is saying,

  1. Go to parent directory ( ./src/modules ) and open index.ts file as follows:

As we have changed index.ts to client.ts in 1.11+ VSF release, I have make the suggested entry i.e. registerModule(ExampleModule) in client.ts.

But when I make entry in client.ts it is not working as expected, i.e. I am not able to access the http://localhost:3000/liked route. It is showing me page not found message (attached the image; liked-not-found.png)

And when I make entry in module.ts file of theme i.e. at
It is working as expected i.e. I am able to access http://localhost:3000/liked.

Please let me know what is the appropriate place to make entry of registerModule .
If the entry in client.ts is not working, is this mean I am missing something. (Here is link to my example-module, please have a look).

Thank you in advance.

@swapnilmmane With some digging into the code, I found that the path ‘src/modules/client’ has been aliased to ${themeRoot}/config/modules in the capybara’s webpack.config.js.

So if you are using the capybara theme, then you will have to register your module in capybara/config/modules.ts file.If you are using the default theme, then you can do the entry in client.ts.

Thank you so much @mohammad-k8 for the inputs.