BigCommerce Data Bridge


This project brings you the BigCommerce support as a backend platform for Vue Storefront.


Vue Storefront is platform agnostic - which mean: it can be connected to virtually any eCommerce CMS. This project is a data connector for BigCommerce eCommerce Framework .

This integration is currently at Proof of Concept stage and it’s not ready for production deplyoment.

Ready made features:

  • Simple products support.
  • Configurable product support,
  • Media import,
  • Configurable options,
  • Product Variants


  • Custom product options,
  • Customer account,
  • Checkout + order,
  • Shopping cart sync,
  • Add on-demand indexation based on BigCommerce web-hooks,
  • Add delta-main indexing scheme indexing records modified after

Author: Divante
Github repo: