Can I integrate PWA on the magento 2 website

I have an online store which is operational in the USA region. The store is currently hosted on the managed AWS as AWS is among the best magento web hosting providers available in the industry. The story is performing well for me but due to the increase in mobile users I think it’s the right time to create a PWA for my online store. So, is this possible to integrate vue storefront based PWA app on magento website and what are the hosting options for the PWA app.

Hello @IrmaLizotte

VueStorefront is build around Magento so yes this is possible for sure.
We have implemented even for other systems.

You won’t need more then whatever you are running Magento on currently. VueStorefront is more RAM intensive then CPU (Magento is more CPU intensive) so you might need to change your instance plan in AWS to have an optimal enviroment but they can perfectly run on the same Instance.

It is even better to have it on the same instance since you can make all the syncs go trough localhost and have better performance and security (if configured right) since it does not need to make external calls.

I hope this answers your question.

Rob Conings