Cannot render category page when refreshing browser, only with the menu


We have installed the last versión of vuestorefront, testing purposes. We have many category pages, Pizzas, Hamburguesas, etc. When I clic on the category Pizzas (on the left menu) the category window view load fine, then I refresh same page with the browser refresh button or scrolling down in the PWA App, and the page shows an error ( Something went wrong … We’ve noticed Internal Server Error while rendering this request.). Same page load well only through the left menu, but not when write the url directly on the address bar in the browser.

This is the page:

This is one of the categories:

This is the API logs:

3|server | 2020-04-12 16:52:58: Error during render : /pizzas
3|server | 2020-04-12 16:52:58: ReferenceError: window is not defined
3|server | at a.getTypeView (src/themes/default/pages/Category.vue:168:0)
3|server | at a.getTypeView (/home/www/vuestorefront/vue-storefront/node_modules/vue/dist/
3|server | at a. (src/themes/default/pages/Category.vue?6c14:1:3971)
3|server | at a.t._render (/home/www/vuestorefront/vue-storefront/node_modules/vue/dist/
3|server | at /home/www/vuestorefront/vue-storefront/node_modules/vue-server-renderer/
3|server | at Yi (/home/www/vuestorefront/vue-storefront/node_modules/vue-server-renderer/
3|server | at io (/home/www/vuestorefront/vue-storefront/node_modules/vue-server-renderer/
3|server | at ro (/home/www/vuestorefront/vue-storefront/node_modules/vue-server-renderer/
3|server | at _t.eo [as renderNode] (/home/www/vuestorefront/vue-storefront/node_modules/vue-server-renderer/
3|server | at (/home/www/vuestorefront/vue-storefront/node_modules/vue-server-renderer/

Please help.



Hey it looks like you’re using window object in SSR mode where it doesn’t exist. Please use <no-ssr/> component to wrap the UI components that don’t support SSR to avoid this issue

Can you please share your code of category.vue file from src/themes/default/pages.