Can't install backend npm

Hi all,
I am new to vuestorefront. I am trying to install vue storefront in Ubuntu by using the following commands

git clone vue-storefront
cd vue-storefront
yarn install
npm run installer

When I try to run the last command “npm run installer” it displays the following error “Can’t install backend npm”. Did I missed anything?

Note: It works fine with but not with local magento installation. I used local magento installation for API.

Suggest any solutions for this issue.
Thanks in advance.

Please check if You have docker-compose installed -

And here you will find similar issue

@gokul I was getting the same error as you.

I edited vue-storefront/core/scripts/installer.js line 179

if (shell.exec(npm i >> ${Abstract.infoLogStream} 2>&1).code !== 0) {


if (shell.exec(yarn install >> ${Abstract.infoLogStream} 2>&1).code !== 0) {

That fixed it for me.