Categories and products show up on magento default page, but not on vuestorefront

Hi Everyone. I have installed Vue and Magento 2.3 on localhost on Linux, and used fast integration method.
Vsf-frontend and api are running fine without any errors. I have used custom theme for the frontend, and can see the homepage as well.

When I run sudo yarn mage2vs import I can see my categories and products in the API terminal as well.

When I try to access the categories using http://localhost:3000/c/mycategoryname it takes me to page-not-found. I have no errors in the browser console.

I can see the categories and products on magento homepage though.

Does anyone know what I’m missing here?
It would mean alot to me if someone helped me with this question.
Thank you.

If you install the ElasticSearch head plugin for Chrome can you see the Elasticsearch index, and inside the index can you see the products and the categories?

Now I’m getting this error when I import:

error: uncaughtException: [remote_transport_exception] [X49T_SX][][indices:data/write/update[s]] :: {"path":"/vue_storefront_catalog/product/1/_update","query":{},"body":"{\"upsert\":{\"id\":1,\"sku\":\"S.......

Please note: by default m2vs works with Elastic 5.x and NOT with 7.1 - so this can be a reason (?) 7.x is being supported from VS 1.11 on

how can i import data to ES7 instead
using yarn mage2vs import

@patrick.nabil do not use mage2vs - it’s deprecated. Use magento2-vsbridge-indexer

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Thanks i did that
thanks for answering