Category query return empty result url_path

Hi guys, I am having some trouble in displaying product detail page for products under certain catagories. When I click on the product on the list page, i’m being redirected to page-not-found instead of detail page. In console I have this error:
“Category query returned empty result url_path = null” I have tried re-build the ES data, but no success.
In my config file,
config.products.useShortCatalogUrls is set to “false” and
seo.useUrlDispatcher is set to “true”
It would be great if someone can help me to solve this issue.

Hi, please make sure that your elasticsearch is indexed with the newest version of magento2-vsbrdige-indexer iether mage2vuestorefront and the product.url_path and category.url_path fields are correctly filled up in Elastic

Hello, Can we index custom magento attributes to ES ? & get/see them in product object in product/list action ?

Heyy! is this gonna affect google analytics or vue- GTM?