Custom fields on Category page issue

Hi All,

Have a weird issue on my category page. A while back I added a custom field call URL to the Magento category page. This works as expected.

I have now created another custom field called FEATURED and added it to the local.json on both frontend and the API.

I can see the new value in ES and briefly as the page loads but then it seems to load some cached data with it missing (URL is in there). I remember reading the system loads SSR and CSR so I gather one of these isn’t updated or cached somehow.

However, we aren’t running any cache that I know of (Redis is turned off) so kind of lost as to where this data is or maybe not mapped correctly?

at first, I would try to purge the browser’s data. Have you added a new attribute to the productList & productListWithChildren in PWA’S config?

Thanks for the reply. Already tried clearing the browser data. My Edge is set to wipe everything when it closes.

This is a category attribute so it’s in the category > includeFields section of the config.

I can see the data when the page first loads so it must be mapped correctly, it then disappears when what I assume is the client-side rendering?

OK located the issue, not sure if it’s a bug or my setup but the file in CORE > BUILD > config.json is not being updated with my changes to the local.json. This happens on both my local version and my production server. After applying the changes manually to the file everything works.