Custom options issue on 1.11.1 & 1.11.2

Hey there. I am still facing trouble with custom options fetched from the Magento2 store.

I am currently building the app using v1.11.1.

With that build this issue is now fixed. Also manage_stock=false seems to work just fine. The problem is that this commit is on v1.11.2. So I decided to build on top of v1.11.2.

The issue with that build is that every time I refresh in a product page I got an error

Error during render : /temaxia/-7/-36.html?childSku=tmx-soutzoukaki
Error: Error: {"root_cause":[{"type":"query_shard_exception","reason":"failed to create query: {
"type":"search_phase_execution_exception","reason":"all shards failed","phase":"query","grouped":true,"failed_shards":[{"shard":0,"index":"vue_storefront_catalog_attribute_1582548721","node":"cmcm8KlgQlWrARaXfjgFd
{"type":"illegal_argument_exception","reason":"Can't parse boolean value [1], expected [true] or [false]"}}}]}
    at SearchAdapter.exports.modules../core/lib/search/adapter/api/searchAdapter.ts.SearchAdapter.handleResult (core/lib/search/adapter/api/searchAdapter.ts:106:14)
    at Object.resultProcessor (core/lib/search/adapter/api/searchAdapter.ts:141:20)
    at server-bundle.js:3183:92
    at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:68:7)
    at _commonErrorHandler (core/server-entry.ts:18:11)
    at server-bundle.js:17954:41
    at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:68:7)

Despite that nasty error, every time I try to add a new product on cart if one of the options is not selected i got this error:

Related to this maybe?

I tried to go back to v1.11.1 and cherry pick the commit that fixed the “same SKU different options” issue but that didn’t work. Since I am not sure if this is a bug or not, I am not creating an issue on github but will do if you think this is one.

Any ideas how to fix this? I would appreciate your help since this is kinda urgent to me.


  • I am using es7 after migrating from 1.10.
  • I am also using docker (local build) meaning that this is not tested in production
  • For data pump I am using magento2vuestorfront.

I guess the problem is with the Elastic schema mapping (please check the vue-storefront-api/config/*.schema.json not sure which field maybe has_options?)

Yeah that seems to be the error. Will take a closer look. I uploaded the whole error log in a gist file here

Despite that I am more concern about the other errors than this one :confused:

Regarding the two versions on 1.11 which is the one I am supposed to use, the 1.11.1 or the 1.11.2? I can see that there are issues on both regarding the custom options and the merge on the respective PR’s are merged half on the .1 and half on the .2 Cherry picking didn’t work, that’s why I am asking. Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

Hi there! I guess 1.11.2 is the right choice. Please paste the links to the most urgent issues with custom options you’re facing we’ll try to help