Data import Magento failed

Hi everyone,

I’m new with Vue Storefront. I’m trying to import the products from my local magento api. Everytime when I’m trying to import the products I’ve got a: redis connection to localhost 6379 failed.

I’m using the vue storefront api. This is what I do to get the error:

  1. docker-compose up -d
  2. yarn mage2vs import

Can someone help me?

I think you only started VSF-PWA, have you start VSF-API with the whole ecosystem?

It should be done with (in addition to the previous command):

# From VSF-API directory
docker-compose -f docker-compose.nodejs.yml -f docker-compose.yml up

About getting data from M2 to your local API, it would be better to use Magento2 VSBridge Indexer instead of mage2vs even locally.