DOMException: "Node cannot be inserted at the specified point in the hierarchy"

mam taki błąd tylko na środowisku produkcyjnym.
Występuje on losowo. Na Chrome rzadziej a na Firefox częściej.
Jak namierzyć co powoduje ten błąd?

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I have this error only in the production environment.
It occurs randomly. On Chrome, less often and on Firefox more often.
How to track what causes this error?

Ten sam błąd w Chrome (the same error in Chrome browser)

Hi @czak - please do use English in this Forum, it’ll be much easier to get help.
This issue is related - probably- to lazy loading of the components @patzick had something similar in the past related to Wishlist and Compare components. Forgive me but I forgot what solved this issue back then :slight_smile:

I noticed that the problem appears after adding the ‘vue-multiselect’ component.
Change in SortBy.vue

Hi @pkarw I am also getting the same issue when I enable Cloud-flare for my VSF domain. It does work perfectly without Cloud-flare in development and production both environments. I am surprised that Cloud-flare can affect the coding as well. Would you please guide me on this if you have something?

I guess it can as from what you’re saying it seems to me that the cached (cloudflare) HTML no longer matches the CSR generated virtual DOM. Details: