Elastic 7 support


Thanks for great open source project and congratulations for 1.11 version has been released!

Is elastic7 support ready for production mode on 1.11version?

I read a note about this at here(https://github.com/DivanteLtd/vue-storefront-api/tree/release/v1.11-rc1#elastic-7-support), but I couldn’t find update about es7 support in this list.(https://github.com/DivanteLtd/vue-storefront/releases).

If I missed one, so sorry. Just let me know some url for that please.
If it is developing, please let me know the release date for that.

Thanks & Happy Merry Christmas everyone :slight_smile:

Hi @hawaiiden; yes the changes were made just in the vue-storefront-api but it wen thru the QA process we haven’t observed any breaking changes. It should be then ready for production however we’re to change Elastic to 7 by default in 1.12 as we were afraid of breaking changes regarding the hosting envs users have. So it was like giving more time to upgrade the stack :wink:

Merry Christmas and thanks for warm feedback!

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