Error while import Magento2 cms page(HTTP ERROR undefined)

I read this link ( to import Magento2 cms page.

Also I read this link (Mage2Vuestorefront import failing) to fix it, but it’s not works.

When I typed to command line

node --harmony cli.js

error message is

2019-12-04T02:16:25.239Z - debug: Elasticsearch module initialized!
info: Winston logging library initialized.
2019-12-04T02:16:25.356Z - info: Connected correctly to server
2019-12-04T02:16:25.356Z - info: TRANSACTION KEY = 1575425785339
debug: Calling API endpoint: GET
debug: Response received.
error: API call failed: HTTP ERROR undefined
2019-12-04T02:16:25.462Z - error:  
{ message: 'HTTP ERROR undefined',
   'Error: HTTP ERROR undefined\n    at api.pages.list.catch (/home/centos/vue-storefront-api/mage2vs/src/adapters/magento/cms_page.js:27:19)\n    at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:68:7)' }
2019-12-04T02:16:25.463Z - info: Task done! Exiting in 30s...
  • My Magento is using https, so I set url value as in mage2vs/src/config.js

  • I installed Snowdog CMS API( to Magento side.

Did I miss something?
Anybody have idea for this issue?

First of all, connect to magento API via postman and check the cms endpoint actually responds with correct json data.
if it does, please open magento log in terminal and watch it with tail -f var/log/*.log and then re-run the node harmony again

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Thanks @jan, I followed your direction, and I found my Magento side got some trouble.

I reinstalled

The problem is solved.

Thank you!