Forum updates: Social logins, Slack integration and Vue Storebot

Hello everyone!

We have to admit that our forum is developing really fast and the first posts are already full of helpful answers.

What’s more, the number of users in our community is constantly growing and we’re extremely happy to observe how Vue Storefront gathers such great developers around.

As well, some of you asked about additional logging options, so… from now on you can log in using your Google, Twitter and GitHub.

If you already have an account on our Forum and want to link it with existing one on the other social platform, just go to account settings and find “Associated account”. Choose those which you would like to log in with.

This is not the end. We have even more great news for you! You don’t have to worry that Forum will take over Slack anymore. We assure you, VueStorefront Slack still exists and works pretty well. We also added a few cool features:

  • All questions from Get Help category will be automatically sent by notification to “Help” channel on Slack, so everyone who is willing to help and knows the answer can instantly do it

  • You can add any discussion from Slack as a plain text and publish it on Forum. Instead of rewriting each question and the following answer, just use the command /discourse post and choose the part of the conversation which you want to transfer and publish

And last but not least - from now on every new VueStorefront Forum user will be welcomed by our
Vue Storebot :slight_smile:

Don’t forget about introducing yourself and sharing your experience with us!