Get categories in o-header from Magento2

Get this structure from magento2
in to the o-header.vue

In the products page
the category is shown, but not in the navigation links

“filterFields”: {},
“breadcrumbFilterFields”: {},
“categoriesRootCategorylId”: 2,
“categoriesDynamicPrefetchLevel”: 2,
“categoriesDynamicPrefetch”: false,
“validSearchOptionsFromRouteParams”: [

Hey, I believe it’s breadrcumbs on screen, not o-header :slight_smile:
In src/themes/capybara/layouts/Default.vue you should have method fetchMenuData which load all categories (all because you have categoriesDynamicPrefetch set to false which is ok). So please check in vuex if you have loaded categories. If yes, then check why it’s not displayed on view. If no, then check if you have categories in Elastic Search