Getting issue when saving address from my account section

Hello everyone,
i have saved 4 address in customer account, now when i am login to account in vue storefront and trying to save address after editing i am getting bellow response. can anyone help me to solve this?

Response i am getting :
code: 500
result: [{keyword: “maxItems”, dataPath: “.customer.addresses”,…}]

0: {keyword: “maxItems”, dataPath: “.customer.addresses”,…}
dataPath: “.customer.addresses”
keyword: “maxItems”
message: “should NOT have more than 2 items”
params: {limit: 2}
schemaPath: “#/properties/customer/properties/addresses/maxItems”

It’s due to validation rules set in

You can safely alter this JSON validatiopn schema if you’d like to save more than 2 addresses

Hello @pkarw i have changed the value of maxItems attribute to 10 but still getting same error in console.

Hello @pkarw, do you have idea how we can get rid of this error, i am still getting same error if i have changed my address length to 12 in validation schema file, please look at below screenshot for more detail.