Header height variable in Capybara

I would like to adjust the header hight within the Capybara theme and I can see it’s set by a css variable (top: var(–_header-height):wink: but…can’t find it in the filesystem! Any directions are highly appreciated!
Thanks in advance.

Hi, –_header-height variable is private and set inside o-search-panel component. Could you please just try to set height in .sf-header class? Let me know if it works for you.

Hi Adam,
I know it’s set in o-search-panel but what I was wondering how/where it is defined…and how can overrule the px for this variable…
Thanks in advance,

I’m sorry that I didn’t response earlier, I didn’t notice your answer. As far as I know it is defined in Storefront UI. Did you try to set it in :root?