Headless Shopify and Vue Storefront


Sorry not a direct question about Vue Storefront as such as I am at the research stage.

I am currently running my own bespoke shopping cart system which I urgently need to update (Python/CherryPy and headless usage of TextpatternCMS).

Although I am “technically able” my tech skills have been dulled by a decade running my business rather than programming and I have also reached the conclusion that writing yet another Magento style back end is not a valuable use of my time.

I’d love to get up and running quickly and am wondering about using Shopify in part because I saw that Vue Storefront can now allow access to it. I’ve tried to find out but do I need to have a Shopify Plus account or can I use a lower tier? Shopify Plus is unaffordable for me as it starts at $2000 per month.

In addition we obtain a lot of traffic from a blog hosted in Textpattern CMS (which I use in a truly awful bespoke headless manner!). I am really paranoid about losing this blog traffic - it brings 100,000 hits a month. Whether I use Shopify or Magento for a backend, would Vue Storefront be a good solution for making my blog look good?

Thanks in advance



The Shopify integration works for both + and standard version. Keep in mind that the integration is currently in Developer Preview so it’s definitely not usable in production (we’re doing our best to make it prod ready soon).

Regarding the blog I think it will work perfectly. Vue Storefront main purpose is to act as a headless frontend for all eCommerce related 3rd parties including the blog.

If you’ll make an integration and fulfill our interface maybe you’d like to publish it as OS? We’d love to assist :wink: (you can ping me on slack.vuestorefront.io for details)

Thank you Filip.

Amazing how hard it is to find out some basic information about platforms like Shopify - it was only when I started digging into the API so I can upload existing data to my own test shop that I found out that I could register as a Shopify Partner and create as many test shops as I liked.

My first task is to get my current shop uploaded to Shopify to see if i can do what I want on there. After that I’ll worry about what it looks like and come back to Vue Storefront. Thanks for your help.