Home page sometimes redirects to "something went wrong"

I`m inputing yarn dev command to run project on But it redirects to this page. But if i try refreshing again, the real home comes. Whats the reason behind this behaviour.


Hi, can you put some screenshot from the browser console? Because without this it’s really hard to debug.

Now this issue is for product page. When i click a product the page opens normally. But if i reload the page it navigates to error page, image mentioned in first post. i think it related to SSR.

This happens in case your server side container can’t connect using the same URL endpoints like the browser (CSR/SSR connectivity issue). You need to figure out the /etc/hosts in the vsf container in order to have the connectivity to the same addresses like frontnd have; if this is in the development mode on localhost then you might want to switch the network_mode: host in the docker file to have the access to localhost addresing between containers. This Pull Request might be also helpful: https://github.com/DivanteLtd/vue-storefront/pull/3791

Thank you for the response @pkarw. This is a development environment, but im not using docker. Im actually just serving with “yarn dev” and trying out it localhost:3000.

Also my default theme doesn`t have this problem. Only my newly created theme have this problem, which i created by copying default folder.

The issue was, i`m using some plugins which are not SSR compatible. So I used NoSSR package. Now the home page is running fine.

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I’m glad you fixed it :slight_smile: Thanks for letting us know!

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