How Do I Create A Strapi CMS Backend Integration

I’ve read as many resources available to me through what the storefront already provides:

  • NODE-API: github/DivanteLtd/vue-storefront-api

  • DOCS:

  • SDK: github/DivanteLtd/vue-storefront-integration-sdk

  • But can’t really wrap my head around how to integrate headless cms like strapi, As far as I understand the SDK is if you want to create an integration from scratch which needs to comply with these specifications* and you connect directly to the storefront frontend. The NODE-API is a specific implementation of the SDK using node.js with Magento as the CMS and other additional things like ElasticSearch, Redis, Kibana. But this is a type of implementation where you can replace Magento with your own CMS and keep the benefits of ElasticSearch and others.

  • I don’t know much about ElasticSearch or Redis, or even Kibana but I would like to make a strapi cms integration on top of the NODE-API how would I do that?


  • I apologize I had to remove the .com on the GitHub links since I can only post 2 links as a new user.

Hey, I think if you wanted to integrate with Strapi you would have to write your own API (connectors that replaces magento to other platform) in the vue-storefront-api or even integrate VSF with the Strapi straightaway.

Yes, use vue-storefront-api as a bridge, it will translate & route the commands from vue-storefront to elastic database & strapi.
We need to fill the catalog data to elastic, so we need that node-app to query to strapi, get catalog data, push to elastic for later uses.

I feel that Elastic brings too much complication. I’m still waiting for this project with more simple database:

You can read more from pkarw: