I am getting the error "No alive nodes found in your cluster" when i have installed the reindexing module

I have installed this module https://github.com/DivanteLtd/magento2-vsbridge-indexer in magento 2.3 and getting “No alive nodes found in your cluster” found error when indexing and running setup:upgrade command…Please help me to solve this.

Nodes in clusters are from elasticsearch. Please make sure your elasticsearch server 5.6.X version is installed in your system and it is running under localhost:9200 (unless you have changed config to use some other address and port)

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I’m facing this same issue as well. I’ve turned on my docker and asked magento2 to connect to it. But I end up having that error.

Hello @Pradeesh_Francis
It means that Magento2 cannot access Elasticsearch via URL you provided in the configuration of magento2-vsbridge-indexer.

yeah! I solved it after reflecting into the problem. Thanks :slight_smile: