Index loading incorrect chunk JS files

Sorry if this is an obvious solution, pretty new to vuejs…

Just setup a clean install and did a couple of builds of the application but all my JS files are pointing to what I assume is an old chuck id. I checked the client-manifest file and the ID is correct.

It looks like a caching issue but I don’t have any on that I know of and I have ruled out browser cache.


It’s actually hard to guess what happened, try to rebuild application and of course clear the browser cache. The question is, is this a production build or just development mode?

Thanks for the reply, already tried rebuilding it 2 or 3 times. All the ID’s change each time but the system still keeps trying to access the old ID for what I gather is the first build. This is a production build.

@darkentity his problem might also happen if you’re using SSR cache - in this case you need to run npm run cache clear *