Integrating vsf with woocommerce

Hi, All?

I want to integrate vsf with woocommerce
There is wp/woocommerce site running and I want to connect with it.

I could get products using woocommerce2vuestorefront.
But to implement sign in/up feature, I think I have to get customer information from wp/woocommerce.
And also need stock and order information…
How can I do?

Here is my opinion.

  1. In vue-storefront-api/config/local.json, change platform to ‘woocommerce’
  2. Add woocommerce field, and do configurations like magento2
  3. Make new directory ‘woocommerce’ in vue-storefront-api/src/platform.
    And build some scripts to connect with woocommerce rest api
    Here, I can use woocommerce-api node module.

Is this right?
If so, I am worried with properties of woocommerce in step 2.
what imgUrl and assetPath refer to?

Please help me.
Thank you


Yes that’s seems to be a good way to configure the API. Regarding the imgUrl - this is a base URL used for the src/api/img to resize the images; so VSF is taking the product.thumbnail and requesting (via vue-storefront-api) the image from: config.woocommerce.imgUrl + product.thumbnail (pseudocode but shows how the URL is constructed)

Hello, @pkarw

Thank you for your advice.
It was very helpful.
I will be here, if I have something to ask.
Thank you again.