Introduce yourself!

Hi VSF community
I’m Irene and together with my company, Bitbull, I followed the journey of vsf from the beginning and now we are proudly core partners. I work with Magento, javascript and everything else that falls into my hands.

Cheers to the new forum :beers:


I’m Mike, a newcomer to the forum! I’m a Web Developer at Develo Design, an agency based in Birmingham UK,who are VSF core partners. Most of my time is split across either Laravel, Vue or Magento projects, I do a varied mix day to day!

Looking forward to doing a bit more VSF projects and getting some more modules out the door!

Mike. :call_me_hand:


Hey there,

I’m Sebastian, Solutions Architect for Balance Internet in Australia.
We are looking into Vue Storefront and I am excited to see whats going on here and what the future brings for Vue Storefront.



Hi there!
I’m Adriano, developer at Idearia, Web Agency based in Rome, Italy.
I worked a lot with WordPress and WooCommerce, but now me and my team are adopting Vue Storefront and Magento for a new project.




I am Guido, from Italy, nice to meet you all!

I work at Idearia, a Rome-based Web Agency.
So far we have been heavily relying on WordPress + WooCommerce both for backend and frontend.

As our clients’ size increases, we are actively looking at modern and versatile frameworks and technologies in order to meet their needs.

We are excited to have discovered Vue Storefront, and we are already using it for our first major project!

We look forward to contribute to the community of VSF :slight_smile:



Hi everyone,

I am Robbert, a frontend developer and I work at Vendic in The Netherlands.
I worked as a frontend developer in ecommerce for about 6 years and just joined the Vendic team this January. I’m pretty new to Vue and Storefront so I hope to find a lot of info here, to expand my knowledge.

Nice to meet you all!


PS. we’re hosting the 11th Vue Storefront Hackathon on the 6th of June this year. More info here: Vue Storefront Hackathon #11 - 06th June 2019 @ Deventer, NL


Hi, I am Maruf, from Sweden, curious and always eager to learn new skills.
Previuosly I learned Angular 7 as JS framework. Now learing Vue and Vue Storefront. Almost everything is new to me, even PWA! :slight_smile:


Hello dear community!

My name is Frank Brunell and i´m a Project Manager @kodbruket in Sweden. We are a Vue Storefront core partner.

My main objective is to learn as much as i can regards to Vue Storefront as a PWA and i´m exited to enforce my already positive image of VSF as a framework.

Looking forward to talk to you and share some experiances regarding e-commerce and VSF


Hi all!

My name is Mike, and I am based in the UK.

I have been using Vue for about 18 months now, and my company are now starting to consider it for future projects,and we are road testing Vue storefront for an ecommerce platform, which we are all excited about!

Fun fact:for the last 10 years I have actually been a PHP developer, however when I discovered Vue and the Jam stack I was determined to move to front end development, which I did in January :raised_hands:

Really looking forward to learning from you all and improving my Vue game!

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Hi all, I live in the netherlands and want to begin to work with Vue storefront.
I’m a Magento 2 front-end developer and want to step up in the game by building PWA projects using VUE instead of ReactJS.

Greetings to you all !


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Hi top Everyone!

My name is Remis. Currently I’m trying to use vue storefront for golang custom made ecommerce backend.

BTW. Right now I have an issue related with node js dependency on the server side. Since we are using golang on the backend and have migrated all api from NodeJs to golang we have unnecessary dependency for NodeJS for SSR in index.js. Is it possible to remove that dependency?

Regards Remis

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Hi, I’m Reinards!

I’m a Magento developer willing to learn more about PWA and VSF.
Currently I am learning VSF in order to create an E-Commerce store and got stuck right of the bat, so I hope I’ll get some help here :slight_smile:

Forgot to mention that I have been programming for the last 5 years with different tech and I also like graphic design.

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Hi, my name is Alex.

I’m from Latvia and I develop Magento 2 based solutions. I have good skills in PHP but I’m nub in nodejs/npm/typescript/… so my questions may be a slightly stupid.

I suppose that PWA is a great way for web applications and I think that VSF is a big step on this way. My current goal is to launch VSF with my own Magento app as backend. I fond excellent documentation how to start VSF with demo data and now I look for docs how to launch VSF in development mode and to connect to my own data sources. It’s not so easy :slight_smile:

Anyway, Vue Storefront is the awesome thing!


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Hi, Lorenzo here
I’m from Milan and I mostly work with magento 1, both front-end and back-end.
I’m working alone on the task of creating a fully working Magento2 + Vsf PWA for future fashion brands customers, but I surely do not have the skills yet, so you’ll probably see me a lot here.
I’m more than willing to help with problems I went through though.

Ciao from Italy


Hi folks, I’m Roberto, nice to meet you all!
I’ve started to work on a project where Vue Storefront is the key technology, so you’ll surely see me on this forum :slight_smile:

See you soon!

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Hi I’m Kapil.

I built an ecom site for a small business that I run.

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Howdy folks!
Really looking forward to building something awesome!

My name is Maneesh. I am a FE developer and selected VueStorefront for one of the project.
Till now I was working on VSF version 1.9.0 and now in process of upgrading it to 1.11.1.

Hi, my name is Marcin and I’m a full stack developer.
I’m learning VSF to expand on my existing knowledge about Magento PWA.
It’s great to meet you all! :slight_smile:

I am Taiwo. I’m a FullStack developer without any knowledge of building e-commerce solutions. I came across this awesome work and became obsessed due to its apparent simplicity and market ready structure. I would love to set up an instance of VSF and contribute in the future. Meanwhile, I’ll just go around reading through possible problems I might encounter and mentally preparing for them.

Also, I also experience developing embedded hardware - software systems and I don’t know why I just said that. ;))

Thank you for having me.