Introducing Storefront API GraphQL gateway

I personally really like to think that what we’ve already done, what we’re working on — it’s just a beginning. As idealistic as it sounds it’s very often so true.

Maybe it’s a feature of the Open Source ecosystem — where you can easily find a lot of ideas to create a fork? You just start working on something new or just continue the efforts of bringing new life to the project?

Well, we had this kind of Eureka moment and a new idea just pop up a few weeks ago. The vue-storefront-api project. It used to be “just an API” empowering Vue Storefront PWA application. Then, 30+ sites on production later I was like: man, people are using vue-storefront-api in such crazy architectures — sometimes even without Vue Storefront itself. Because it’s a pretty useful API and very, very fast one.

By the same time, I was engaged in some heavy enterprise eCommerce projects as an architect trying to figure out how to cover the legacy SOAP and REST APIs (and sometimes direct SQL queries) with a single GraphQL layer to implement a BFF for PWA and mobile apps.

Then I connected the dots.

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Storefront API is a customizable , modular eCommerce GraphQL gateway. You can use this product to provide all your frontends — including mobile applications with a single data source. GraphQL and REST support let you to easily implement BFF (Backend for Frontend) pattern. It unifies the interfaces between all the systems backing your frontend and lets you query multiple data sources with a single HTTP request.

Don’t wait. Check our Github repository and please give us a :star:

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