Issues with redirect from simple to configurable product

I’m having some issues when redirecting from a simple product to a configurable product.

Implementing this fix: (which solves some other issues) I’ve found some others.

Going to http://localhost:3000/se/f-b-3040 (simple product) redirects me to http://localhost:3000/se/f-001-b?childSku=F-001-B. Problem here is that the back button will still point me to the first URL, even though I’m using router.replace to replace the URL.

Second problem is this: "TypeError: this.product.configurable_children.filter(...)[0] is undefined"

Anyone got any pointers? I’m kinda stuck and not sure how to proceed here

This probably should’ve been debugged and fixed. You might want to try debug it using Chrome dev tools debugger or if you don’t have enough time to go into details please just feel free to create a Github issue