Japanese language

Hi. Help me with my problem. Multistore enabled. English and cool languages work. Japanese doesn’t want to.
“jp”: {
“storeCode”: “日本”,
“storeId”: 7,
“name”: “Japan Store”,
“url”: “/jp”,
“appendStoreCode”: true,
“elasticsearch”: {
“host”: “/api/catalog”,
“index”: “vue_storefront_catalog_jp”
“tax”: {
“sourcePriceIncludesTax”: false,
“defaultCountry”: “JP”,
“defaultRegion”: “”,
“calculateServerSide”: true
“i18n”: {
“fullCountryName”: “日本”,
“fullLanguageName”: “日本”,
“defaultLanguage”: “日本”,
“defaultCountry”: “日本”,
“defaultLocale”: “jp-JP”,
“currencyCode”: “円”,
“currencySign”: “円”,
“dateFormat”: “HH:mm D-M-YYYY”

Hi, did you try using roman alphabet letters, “jp”, instead of Kanji? At least try “storeCode” as “jp” and “currencyCode” should definitely be “jpy”. “currencySign” is fine as 円, as far as I know. “fullCountryName” and “fullLanguageName” name are probably ok in kanji too (although Japanese language is 日本語). “defaultLanguage” and “defaultCountry” need to match the parts of “defaultLocale”, so both should be “jp”.

  "jp": {
    "storeCode": "jpy",
    "disabled": false,
    "storeId": 8,
    "name": "Japan Store",
    "url": "/jp",
    "appendStoreCode": true,
    "elasticsearch": {
      "host": "/api/catalog",
      "index": "vue_storefront_catalog_jp"
    "tax": {
      "sourcePriceIncludesTax": false,
      "defaultCountry": "JP",
      "defaultRegion": "",
      "calculateServerSide": true
    "i18n": {
      "fullCountryName": "Japon",
      "fullLanguageName": "Japanese",
      "defaultLanguage": "jp",
      "defaultCountry": "jp",
      "defaultLocale": "ja-JP",
      "currencyCode": "jpy",
      "currencySign": "円",
      "dateFormat": "HH:mm D-M-YYYY"

It does not help, all the same, everything is in English.

Have you tested the Elasticsearch index vue_storefront_catalog_jp? First make sure that’s working. Try querying your Elasticsearch installation


The first command is to see if there’s an index with the alias “vue_storefront_catalog_jp”. With the second one you can check that it’s size is not 0 and the status is green or yellow

The third command will show all the categories in the index.

If that works, then test your API. For example


The first one gets all categories in your index, though the API
The second one gets a specific product - you need to change the SKU and store ID to your own values

See how that goes

While there is a website on the Internet, but the domain is configured through editing the host file in Windows. Also locally VUE. I just do the synchronization of the remote site with the local VUE. Apparently the problem is this. But European languages work except Japanese. Soon we will put everything on Amazon and then I will probably raise the question. According to your examples, if you enter in the browser - the page not found.

My point was to understand where the problem is - with the Elasticsearch index, with the API, or with the VS config. I just gave example URLs. You need to replace the domains with your own ones. For example, instead of https://elastic.example.com yours could be http://localhost:9200 and your API might be on http://localhost:8080.