Layered Navigation module - with priceslider component

Multiselect filters in Vue Storefront with Price Slider and active filters
We created this module to make searching the catalog a better experience, there are a lot more features to come and we’ll add these features to this module when we finished development on them.

For all information, go to the GitHub page:

Features overview
Active filters - show the currently active filters with remove functionality
Price silder - Slidercomponent for price range
Multiple selection for filteroptions
ProductsLeftCounter - option to show the number of results if this filter option is applied (note: this is an experimental feature and works at best for a catalog list with simple products only (no child products)) - we are working on a solution to support this for product with child products also.

Author: Get_Noticed - Vue Storefront Core partner of the Netherlands

Create date: 2019-04-12


Github repo:


Hi @DaanKouters - great job! Is there any demo to see it live?


great job… please provide a demo if available… thanks

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the project where this module is being used / developed in, is almost ready to go live. I’ll update this thread when the project is online.



a demo of this module is now live at the category pages of:

The ‘Smaak’ (flavour) filter is a multiselect attribute for example.

Kind regards!

Hi Daan,

Nice work, the demo looks slick!

Can the logic of multi-selection be adapted so that it is based on the OR operator rather than AND?


hi @abbas, i’ll look into it and let you know :+1:

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