Looking for logs to help with data migration


I have an issue with some data migration from Magento 2 using the Vue Storefront Indexer. 99% of data seems to have migrated fine, however there is an issue with an attribute set not applying to its products fully.

I can see the attributes being stored correctly in the attributes index, and the products are having their configurable_children populated created, however the configurable_options relating to the attribute is not having it’s values key populated - the id, code and label come through fine, just not the values. When I assign the product a different attribute set, everything works as expected.

I’m not necessarily looking for a solution to this issue (unless someone knows of a reason for this?), but I think the issue is relating to the data being imported into the Elasticsearch index - when I query the Magento API directly the values display, and like I say the labels and values are being displayed in the attributes index, so I was just wondering if the API (or the Magento -> VS module) provided some sort of logs that might help us pinpoint the issue

Hi there this is pretty strange issue. Have you maybe tested the https://github.com/DivanteLtd/magento2-vsbridge-indexer? If not please do and let me know if it helped

Hi @pkarw

Thanks for your reply, it was the bridge indexer that we were actually using

One of our team has found the issue - it is a very very specific issue, so prepare yourself!

The issue relates to the isBoolean method in app/code/Divante/VsbridgeIndexerCatalog/Index/Mapping/AbstractMapping.php, more specifically this statement:

if (substr($attributeCode, 0, 3) === 'is_') {
    return true;

The attribute name we have is trellis_panel - which you can see matches the above statement. Obviously I’ve not gone through to see what effect this had but changing this seems to have solved the issue. I think the solution was to use strpos() to make sure that the string starts with is_.

I hope that all makes sense, and helps anyone else who might have similar issues