Low performance of vue storefront

Hello everyone! Can you help me please? Why are performance indicators so low at the moment on https://demo.vuestorefront.io/ (google lighthouse)? Are you planning to fix this? We also deployed it on our server with default theme. Performance metrics in the 45 percent region. Even the performance of our Magento was higher. We do not understand why this is happening, but we really want to figure it out )) Thanks in advance for your reply!

I have the same problem, * Purchase a slow . Adding a product to the shopping cart requires nine apis, each of which is slow.

First, check PageSpeed Insight to see the difference between Mobile and Desktop ranks. Lighthouse is mobile first now. To conform 100 on Mobile devices you need to enable AMP and maintain pretty small javascript and styles libraries.

Rich Features vs Performance vs Cheap price as always you may have the limit to choose 2 out of 3.

In fact, on local demo you have to enable Varnish or NGINX/Openresty caching to save on TTFB 1-2 secs on app server. Caching is good to be enabled behind API gateway as well and even on backend application with OpCache/MySql. Then you need to plan to change font load strategy, implement static compression, and many other things. For mobile visitors clean javascript, styles, and implement critical path plus AMP.

Did you saw any eCommerce system with 100% mobile rank out of the box?