Magento 2 data bridge


Magento to Vue-storefront datapump - synchronizes Products, Categories and Product-to-category links between your Magento2 API and NoSQL database of Vue Storefront. For those who would love to work with Magento on the backend but use NoSQL power on the frontend. Two way / real-time data synchronizer.


It’s part of vue-storefront project - first Progressive Web App for eCommerce with Magento2 support. Some details about the rationale and our goals here.

It synchronizes all the products, attributes, tax rules, categories and links between products and categories.

This is multi-process data synchronizer between Magento to Vue Storefront ElasticSearch database.

At this point synchronization works with following entities:

  • Products
  • Categories
  • Taxrules
  • Attributes
  • Product-to-categories
  • Reviews (require custom module Divante/ReviewApi to work)
  • Cms Blocks & Pages (require custom module SnowdogApps/magento2-cms-api)

Categories and Product-to-categories links are additionally stored in Redis cache for rapid-requests (for example from your WebAPI). Our other project vue-storefront-api exposes this database to be used in PWA/JS web apps.

Datasync uses oauth + magento2 rest API to get the data. KUE is used for job queueing and multi-process/multi-tenant processing is enabled by default ElasticSearch is used for NoSQL database Redis is used for KUE queue backend.

By default all services are used without authorization and on default ports (check out config.js or ENV variables for change of this behavior).

Author: Divante
Github repo: