Magento 2 integrations

Hi all!

I want to ask if these integrations are planned or have been already developed for the Vue Storefront websites connected with Magento 2:

  • get order information as a guest
  • recover password
  • clean up of Magento 2 typical blocks, like {{ code }}, that obviously generates error 500 on the frontend 'cause Vue Storefront cannot compile this kind of code

At this moment we’re creating a module that enables us to get order info from VSF to M2 as a guest and we’ve also managed the error 500 issue trimming the {{}} characters. But we’d like to know if we are the first to encounter these requirements and how it’s been solved by other teams :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance! :wink:

  1. get order information as a guest - I think, no
  2. Recover password - there is reset password functionality only
  3. Most teams use external CMS instead of built-in Magento’s one. E.g. Prismic. I also recommend that.
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Ok, thank you for the response!