Mediocre score on PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights score of official vsf demo is 37/54 mobile/pc.

Is that score important?
Why this score is low? Page seems to be fast.
Will any actions be taken to improve the score in future?


It’s a known issue and nothing to worry about. The difference between local Lighthouse runs and those from PageSpeed insights comes from the fact that the latter is not supporting HTTP/2. Vue Storefront highly relies on code-splitting and prefetching which is a standard type of optimization for HTTP/2 but something that can lower the score on HTTP/1 because of it’s parallel connections limit. TTI metric seems to be affected the most.

Thankfully it’s something that Chrome team is working on and should fix soon -

For now i recommend using local Lighthouse runs to measure the performance.


Hey Filip,

looks like google insight change their measurement points. mobile performance is down to 30 local and from insights. Is this a know issue?

best Niels