Multi-currency in VSF

Hello All,

How can we manage multi-currency in VSF with a single store?
Can anyone help me with this?

VSF doesn’t natively support multi-currency on single store-view; so I’d recommend adding separated storeViews per each currency. Otherwise you’d require some core-changes probably to support the multi-currenncy prices

Okay @pkarw , If we going with separate storeViews then do we need to create seprate elasticsearch indices? OR As in magento we can use currencyConvert method, is there any method which we can use in VUE for convert currency?

Hi @Dhruvi I’m afraid it won’t work out of the box. We’re supporting multi currency by switching the storeViews. You can try to override the product/calculateTaxes somehow to update the prices regarding the currency or override the syncPlatformPricesOver ->

At least - start from there :slight_smile:

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Hi @pkarw
How to override ‘setCustomOptions’ function in vsf1.11?
please help me.

Hi there! Please check our docs: - this could be helpful in your case