Need help regarding elastic search

Hello there!
i have create custom cms page attributes in magento, after reindexing i have all data populated in elastic search, but when working in cms page on vue storefront i am getting only core data on cms page object. as i have created custom attribute and attribute exists on elastic search i should get those attribute also.
can anyone please help me ASAP?

I’ve done that quite some times and if you follow this steps it works

  1. In magento go to vendor/divante/magento2-vsbridge-indexer/src/module-vsbridge-indexer-cms/Model/Indexer/Action/CmsPage.php and add the column you want or add them via query in vendor/divante/magento2-vsbridge-indexer/src/module-vsbridge-indexer-cms/Model/ResourceModel/CmsPage.php (it is better not to modify these but to extend them)
    2)Then bin/magento indexer:reindex and check in chrome elasticsearch head if you have the new column
    3)Frontend side you can do an ES query using quickSearchByQuery and SearchQuery, I personally rewrited the quickSearchByQuery creating my own so I have more control on it.

Hope this helps, let me know

Hello, can we add & get the custom product attribute also ?