Newsletter on Magento 2

Hi all,
by default Vue Storefront send the newsletter subscription to MailChimp:

"newsletter": {
   "endpoint": "/api/ext/mailchimp-subscribe/subscribe"

What do you recommend to connect the newsletter on Magento 2 instead of MailChimp?

By default we don’t have the integration with Magento newsletter feature. Please add the proposer vsfapi endpoint which will be using the newsletter endpoint from

Hi @pkarw,
I’ve created a module for VSF-API and M2 that enable the newsletter subscription to M2 through VSF.

Here is the code for VSF-API:

Here the M2 endpoint:

I think that, if it can be useful for the community, it could be added to the core of VSF.

Tell me if I can do anything useful for the VSF project.