Odoo module for Vue Storefront


The API development of this project is packaged as an Odoo module, which is composed by the following elements:

  • Controllers
  • Business objects
  • Data files
  • Static web data

Author: Cristian González

Contact: hello@cristiangonzalez.com

Github: https://github.com/cristian-g/vsf-odoo

Is this a dead project?

Can it be re-done using Graphene/GraphQL? I would think this would be much more stable and future-proof. I’m working on something like this but do not want to duplicate work if it’s already been done but just not published.

Side note, took at look at module / found the “simple” code but is not documented or in working state.


@cristian can you jump in on it?

Is someone working on this?
We can dedicate some resources to the project if needed.

@walkerblackwell are you still on the Graphene/GraphQL path?

To be honest, I’m migrating to v13. Odoo. V14 onwards -> promises to use a vue-like architecture (Owl framework) with native connection to QWEB templating so there will be no translation APIs needed. I think that will end up being the future of advanced e-commerce (that connects to full stack business logistics like on-demand manufacturing etc, that Odoo does . . .)


@walkerblackwell Thanks for your prompt answer.

Yes, looks promising.

Meanwhile we will stick with vuestrorefront and find out how to finalize the connection as we need “yesterday” :sweat_smile:

Hi, I was working on the odoo module for vue storefront. I have installed the vue storefront module in odoo v12 and also complete the installation of vue storefront required libraries and all. My odoo is working on 8069 port and in 3000 port vue storefront is working on. But i am not getting the configuration part. It will be great if someone can help. I have done some changes in the vue-storefront/config/default.json also as described in the github configuration but when i am creating product/category it is not creating on the vue storefront in port 3000.

If someone can help me on this, it will be great!!

Thank you!!