PayPal Payment Integration


This extension allows you to add PayPal payment option to your checkout.


You can customize PayPal button as you like.

Author: Develodesign



got an error after installation.

Error in mounted hook: “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘Buttons’ of undefined”
found in
—> at src/modules/paypal/components/Button.vue
at src/themes/default/components/core/blocks/Checkout/OrderReview.vue
at src/themes/default/pages/Checkout.vue
at src/themes/default/layouts/Default.vue
at src/themes/default/App.vue

In my IDE window.paypal.Buttons is an unresolved variable

best Niels

Hi @Niels_Gongoll,

I am running into the same Error.
Could you solve this problem in some way?

best Nico

Yes i think i forgot to do yarn again before restart frontend

Hello @Niels_Gongoll
I m getting the same error even though i have stared yarn again. Is there any other changes apart from this?