Potential VSF Next for B2B custom production project

We lately watched the VSF team Hangout. Since we need to implement VSF for a custom B2B, we’d like to hear your opinion about the best choice between VSF 1.0 or VSF Next for this specific kind of project.
In this case, if VSF Next would be suitable we could be the first case-study that uses and push this new technology.

@piotrkarwatka @FilipRakowski, what’s your opinion about it?
Can we discuss it?

Thanks in advance for your time :slight_smile:

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Hey! VSF Next seems liek the right choice. The integration efforts are much lower for Next than for a standard VSF integration. You just need to keep in mind that Next concept is still R&D therefore there might be some changes (probably not major but we’re still testing it and improving).

When you need to start the project?

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Hey @FilipRakowski, we should start ASAP 'cause we should release a working production environment after a few months. If Next is a preferred choice we could anyway decide to take this way and maybe be the first VSF Next project in production :wink:

When will be releasing a stable version of Next?
Can we talk a little bit about the project details maybe on the Slack chat?
We’d like to do a short call where we explain the core points of the project…

Thank you so much for your time :slight_smile:

Hey, sure, just ping me on slack, I’ll be happy to help!

VSF Next is slightly different than VSF 1. The “core” essentially is just a set of TypeScript interfaces guiding how to write an integration from scratch using platform apis.

I think until we make 1st full integration its hard to call it ‘stable’ as we’re constantly facing challenges that needs to be resolved one by one (auth, tax, currencies, multistore etc) but i expect to be “more or less stable” this month. We’re doing last polishments. What we havn’t tested in battle yet is mostly category filtering, my account and payments

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Perfect, thank you so much. I’ll write to you on Slack :wink:

Hi everyone! When should expect a commercial-ready version of VSF Next?

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@Leonid_Bugaenko hey!

We’re constantly experimenting and improving APIs from the beginning of this year and we are soon to finish first live projects that we were using to validate our APIs. The core of VSF Next should be ready the latest on November along with Commercetools integrations.

For Shopify, I’d say it would be December but it is on early stages right now so it is hard to give an exact date. Could be a bit sooner or later.

We’ve also started Salesforce CC and BigCommerce implementations with partners which should be in beta this year and prod-ready early next year


Thank you for answer!
Can I still do integrations for the storefront-api and implement my design for VSF, and then switch to vsf-next?

Hey! I know someone from the CMTY is working on nEXT <> SFAPI integration but I wouldn’t treat it as a recommended approach.

VSF Next is using native data formats of eCommerce platform therefore such middlewa in most common use cases is redundant and only contributes to the overall complexity without explicit benefits.

Of course there are some situations when you might need that so the answer really depends on your project. Technically both can work together.

Then how does the VSF-next infrastructure work?

Check this doc. If you have any other questions I’ll be happy to answer :wink:

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Hi @FilipRakowski,
it’d be very useful to have some documentation about how to implement your custom B2B connector for VSF Next. Thank you a lot.

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I agree. Current documentation VSF NEXT contains too less information

@Leonid_Bugaenko we’re working on the documentation right now (you can find a lot of docs-related PRs in the repo now). As the software is still not recommended for production usage and WIP it wasn’t our priority. A lot of things has been changing and writing docs at this point was just a lot of additional work that quickly gets outdated .

Our composables are not yet ready OOTB for B2B but we’re talking with 2 B2B-oriented platforms and will most likely build the connector. Then we will be able to extend what we have with coverage of B2B features. Right now our focus is on finishing VSF Next for B2C (we’re building 4 B2C connectors in parallel)

@rozzilla If you want to use Next for B2B I think you’ll have to handle the additional functionalities by yourself case by case. I will be happy to help you figuring out how to implement them within our architecture though if you’ll bring specific features - it’s an R&D we will have to do anyway for these 2 B2B platforms. It’s just not our priority at the moment


Clear explanation, thanks again Filip

Can you add a description of the data format for interaction between backend and vsf-next in the near future? So that I can start writing a connector for my store backend

Hey you basically have to copy this boilerplate integration and adjust to your needs - https://github.com/DivanteLtd/vue-storefront/tree/next/packages/boilerplate
Here you have some info about what is required (we’re working on much better guide ofc)

What you have to do is basically:

  • Write you api calls in the api client (look at commercetools integration for reference)
  • Use these api client methods in composables. Each composable is created from a factory function. You have to provide your platform-specific actions like addToCart or searchProducts through this params.
  • Then you have to write getters for composables (src/getters) that are used in the theme.
  • You don’t have to write any UI. In core development mode nuxt-theme-module is generating you files inside the theme/_theme folder on the fly so you can focus only on the integration.
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thank you! Will I be able to apply my own design after the integration?

Yes, this mechanism is purely for the core development purposes. If you’d like to have your own designs you can either

  1. override specific pages (if something in nuxt-theme-module is in pages/X you can override this file by putting new one in pages/X inside your theme so the overriding works on pathes
  2. Get rid of generate property of nuxt theme module from nuxt config so theme files are not generated in _theme and you can start from scratch
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@FilipRakowski Hello, can you tell if the VSF NEXT release date is being delayed?