Price filter not working (missing final_price?)

Hi all,

For some reason my products do not filter on price on the category page. If I select a price range, all products disappear. I think it has something to do with the final_price key. It’s filtering on this key, but this key is not present in my product data. I have this issue for the simple products and the configurable products.

How can I solve this? Or where do I need to start looking?

Good point. I guess this (price field name) should be configurable maybe? An idea for Pull Request. @Roy Wulms if you’re using mage2vuestorefront (?) make sure you’ve got the config.js properly set with and set to true. If this fixes your issue then I suggest opening a PullRequest to mage2vuestorefront setting this features true by default. I guess with these options disabled the final_price field is not being rendered

Ok, here is the PR: :slight_smile: