Problem with renderList in Vue Storefront API

I can’t get correct products prices in multistore. Problem refers to products which are children of configurable product. They are not accesible in Vue Storefront API.
When I set visibility to “Catalog, Search” in Magento Admin Panel everything works correctlty, but I don’t want product children to be visible (only main product can be).

Problem appears when invoking this function:

renderList (skus, currencyCode, storeId = 1) {
  const query = '&searchCriteria[filter_groups][0][filters][0][field]=sku&' +
  'searchCriteria[filter_groups][0][filters][0][value]=' + encodeURIComponent(skus.join(',')) + '&' +
  return this.api.products.renderList(query, currencyCode, storeId)

When I access endpoint /api/product/render-list?skus with main product SKU everything works fine.
When I access the same endpoint with children SKU I get no products.

Are there any solutions to solve this problem? Do I have to change something in my Magento configuration?

I’m not sure if Vue Storefront really requires the configurable-children products to be queried with this function. I mean: they are but even when renderPrices is not returning the simple children products it should still be just fine.

The syncPricesOver takes the product.configurable_children into consideration updating the prices accordignly anyway

Thanks for response,
I have checked and debugged my app with default vue storefront backend (" and everything works fine.
When I use my own backend, function syncPlatformPricesOver can not sync prices of products which are children of configurable product (with default backend it works fine).
The error was propably caused because of differences between my Magneto backend and backend.
What settings in my Magento Admin panel should I check to solve this problem?

To be perfectly honest - I don’t have an idea why it’s like that. The only thing I can think of is that VS is querying render-prices for all sub-sequent products (simple products connected with the configurable one). When you magento setting is blocking these products from being shown maybe render-prices is not returning the info as well?

Magetno /rest/V1/products-render-info endpoint doesn’t return sub products in my API, so this problem is not related with Vue storefront directly. I wonder which product setting in Magento could be responsible for that except sub product visibility?

Hi @jakubm @pkarw ,

Did you guys got any fix to resolve this issue?