Problem with running vsf on ubuntu

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I have problem with running vsf-api on ubuntu
I downloaded vue-storefront-api from github and
followed instructions from vue-storefront installation guide

git clone vue-storefront-api
cd vue-storefront-api
docker-compose up -d

after running last command on terminal , I got messsage below

please help me

Hey @flynn,

The “kibana” is an optional tool, if you’re not using it then simply remove it from “docker-compose.yml” file and re-execute “docker-compose up -d” command.

The code to remove:

build: docker/kibana/
- ./docker/kibana/config/:/usr/share/kibana/config:ro
- ‘5601:5601’
- es1


Hi, yogeshsuhagiya
Thanks for you help

I removed from docker-compose.yml and re-executed.

And now I ran into run out of memory error.
I did setup server with digitalocean.
I can’t understand why this error occurs, it works well on my local pc.

I fixed that issue now.
It was because size of memory.

But now I have problem with vue-storefront
I executed yarn dev inside vue-storefront directory

do you have any idea?