Product configurations not saving in basket

Hi all

Apologies for the barrage of topics at the moment, there are several issues that I have spent weeks trying to resolve and haven’t been able to yet.

The latest revolves around configurable products that have custom options. When I add them to cart the custom options don’t appear to be displaying, and any price alterations aren’t being applied.

When I look in the state object, I can see that the product_option.extension_attributes.custom_options are being populated with the correct option_value values, however I can’t get these choices to display within the microcart or order summary. Likewise, if any of these custom options have a change to the product price then it is not being applied in the basket.

If anyone has any idea of how I can resolve this I will be very grateful :pray:

Hi Mike, the options displayed in the microcart or order summary comes from api/totals - so from Magento. Any network errors in the console or other signals sth went wrong with this totals calla?

Hi @pkarw

Thanks for the reply, and narrowing down where I should be looking

Looking at the response I get back from /api/cart/shipping-information, the totals.items.options field is returning an empty array, (well, an empty array within quotemarks), so yes it seems that the problem might be with the response.

I will speak with the Magento dev here and see if we can get to the bottom of it - thanks again for your reply

yeah, it’s pretty strange thing shouldn’t be empty

@pkarw quick question (for you or any of the core team really)

Do you happen to know what version of Magento you are using on the VSF demo site? When I try to order a custom product, I can see the response from shipping-information is how we expect, with the options filled in. Our Magento dev seems to think there is a bug in the version of Magento we are using, so just wanted to see if there was any difference between versions.


Hi there, we’ve got there sth between 2.3.0 - 2.3.2

Ah cool thanks - we are using 2.3.3, so it’s hard to think that updating to a minor revision has broken this functionality, but something for us to look into at least

Thanks again!

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