Product Options, Category Filters or Layered Navigation?


I want to display set of filters in category’s sidebar. Something like this:

I see there are 4 types of product filters in ./config/default.json:

"defaultFilters": ["color", "size", "price", "erin_recommends"]

Where is the place in the code to load a filters to sidebar to filter products in the category by any product option (manufacturer, memory or battery capacity, etc.)?

I suppose, the different categories should have own set of such filters (notebooks, smartphones, shoes, clothes, …). It cannot be hardcoded in config as one set for all categories.


Hi there! By default VSF works the way you need to put the all available filters into this defaultFilter config variable. There is still a feature request to change the way aggregations are built by getting the filters related to the specific category. However it hasn’t been yet implemented.

You can modify the logic filters are built by overriding the proper Vuex action or just modifying the theme/pages/Category.vue

In the develop branch there was a PR related to attributes optimization merged in recently. It might be helpful as well:

Thanks, Piotr. I’ll dive into these cases.