Product prices being altered on page load


Got an interesting issue here, was hoping someone might have a solution for it

I have a product that has several custom options, each that may add to the overall cost of a product.

When the product first loads, the correct price of £10.83 shows, but it then jumps to £32.08.

Trying to debug the reason, I have tracked it down to onAfterCustomOptionsChanged in core/pages/Product.js. The priceDelta value is being incremented by the price of the products custom options before any options have been selected by the user. When I then select an option it also adds to the cost of the product

Is this intentional, or is there something we can do within our data to prevent this?

If I need to explain this further, let me know and I’ll be happy to

Hi Mike; yeah it was intentional. However it seems like we misinterpreted fixed mode meaning (?)

Feel free to fix it in the 1.10.x line or 1.11

Yo, thanks for the reply - I’m glad it’s something you are aware of anyway ha!

So, for now I will remove this condition and try to do a PR as part of the wrap up on what I am working on now

Thanks again for your response