Product prices 'resetting' when choosing a custom option


Having an issue working with products that have configurable children and custom options

For example, we have products that come in different sizes - the bigger they are, the more expensive they cost. When choosing one of these options, the price is updating as expected.

We also have custom option, i.e. what colour they would like the product. Some colours add some more cost. Again, choosing one of these options alters the price as expected.

However, if I try to combine these two options, the price just seems to reset to the products base price, and I’m struggling to figure out why.

To try and better illustrate, hopefully this animated gif will play properly. As always any help is appreciated

Unfortunatelly custom options doesn’t play wall with configurable options at the moment Mike. This issue:

It got recently improved (1.11.x) and with this PR as well: however if you say it’s still not yet there I’ve got no reason to not belive you hhaha :wink:

It shouldn’t be THAT hard to fix however


Thanks for the reply, and the links to the Git issues

Fortunately, I have a fix for checkboxes in place for 1.10 (still need to do a PR on it). The issue here is a bit deeper for me to look into though I think, as it seems whereever the price is being calculated (onAfterCustomOptionsChanged and onAfterFilterChanged I believe) it seems like it isn’t taking the state into account - it probably is, that’s just a guess on my part without looking at anything.

I will just step through the process to see what payloads are being sent around and see if I can spot anything. I will keep you updated :+1:

OK, just to give you an update, I now have configurable products with custom options correctly saving in carts within 1.10 :tada:

I will write up my solution properly next week (as I still have to test a few cases) but I am now getting product configurations correctly saving in the cart, which is great