Production Server Specs

Just wondering what the minimum server specs are from running the storefront in production?

From my testing it seems to be very hungry and the smallest amount of memory we can get away with it 8GB. That’s running on a site with very little traffic.

We have set elastic search to reserve memory but it often crashes when the server is hardly active.

We are currently using between 3-4gb for elastic search. Can elastic run on say 1 or 2 GB?

Just wondering if there are any tips or tricks to get this running better without packing on the memory to a server.

You should enable Redis Cache + Varnish cache in front of that in both VSF-PWA & VSF-API. Then the server should require less memory after pages are cached.

PWA Varnish Cache module:
VSF-API Varnish Cache strategy:

About running Elastic on 1-2GB - I am not sure about that. After applying cache strategies, you should just check this. However, I am a bit skeptical.

Thanks for the reply, with the first module, is this already installed by default or must we replace what’s there with yours?

I gather the second link is a walkthrough on how to cache various API calls? Does this involve changing the core API code?

Edit 1: Sorry ignore the first part I can see it’s the same. Managed to install Varnish but am a little confused about how it works with https port 443? Works great when I use port 80, Varnish apparently can’t work with SSL? Sorry new to all this!

You should put NGINX reverse proxy on port 80 - it supports SSL. NGINX should point to Varnish and Varnish to VSF App

Thanks, am using apache so need to install POUND to get this working correctly. Just a note for anyone else trying to get this working pound needs to be enable its config file which is separate to it’s settings file. No one of the install guides mentions this which caused a lot of issues!

Also the Magento guide has the wrong link to the varnish config file (see below)

Varnish file is at /lib/systemd/system/varnish.service and not in /etc/default/varnish

Finally got this all sort but the stock call is failing (The signature is invalid. Verify and try again.)… is this related to the error you mentioned in your install guide?