Production setup - getting web-pack error

I am trying to setup a production environment for vuestorefront along with docker ES and redis.

My local instances are working fine when running command yarn start from vuestorefront and vuestorefront-api , everything is working fine.
Now I want to start that using pm2 manager so I have executed yarn start from both vuestorefront and vuestorefront-api. My API is working fine as on my defined local.json URL and I am getting all the data from ES.
Now frontend is also running on defined URL but all broken. I have checked the pm2 logs but not getting any error.
the only thing I can see in the browser console is this error Could not load content for webpack:///./node_modules/vue/dist/vue.runtime.esm.js : HTTP status code: 404

anybody have any idea about this.
Thanks In advance.

Hi, I have the exact same problem atm, have you solved this problem? It would be very helpful and appreciated.