Products Always "Out of the Stock!"

I’ve already installed the magento2-vsbridge-indexer and all products are updated almost instantly in VSF whenever I add/modify them in Magento 2.3. So that part seems fine.

However, for some reason, all the products are “Out of the Stock!” when I add them to the cart in VSF. This occurs with all the sample products and all new products that I add to Magento.

What could be causing this?

BTW, I’ve already run bin/magento indexer:reindex and yarn db rebuild. The indexes refresh and build fine, but it doesn’t fix the “Out of the Stock!” problem. Please help.

I just noticed in the log there is a 500 error for the stock checking API:

4|api | 2019-12-01 10:33:57: GET /api/stock/check?sku=WS04-M-Blue 500 100.663 ms - 124

Why would there be a problem with the stock API when everything else works fine? There are no other errors and the cart works fine except for this issue. I don’t think there’s anything I can change in the configs to fix this since all the configs are already pointing at the correct endpoints.

Please help.

Can somebody please help? This is blocking me from deploying the store.

The problem happens in all browsers. It’s a production installation (not Docker).

  • OS: Ubuntu
  • Node: v10.17.0
  • Code Version: v1.10.4

Hi @Julia this request is being forwarded to Magento itself. Please try checking Magento logs

Thank you for your reply! I did check the Magento logs, but there were no errors. BUT, your comment helped me realize that the problem could be the OAuth interface between VSF and Magento.

To test this theory I set “Magento / Integrations / Resource Access” to “All”. Now all the products are in stock again! :slight_smile: Then I reset the permissions based on the installation instructions to see if maybe some new permissions might have been added recently to set only the permissions that are necessary. After doing that, it still works.

So, either the docs have been updated recently with one or more new permissions or somehow I missed checking the box on one or more permissions when I set up the integration. (Probably the latter.) Regardless, the problem is solved. Thank you very much for your help!

Cool! Thanks! We’re constantly working on improving our docs thank you @kkdg relentless efforts :+1:

@Julia, If you followed this cookbook, you might have passed permission part as well. :slight_smile:

@pkarw, My relentless efforts are pushed by guns and money :wink:

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@kkdg haha stop saying that publicly- they’re gonna close our forum haha:)

ah sorry, I meant to say motivation for contributes to open community, for the better of the whole eco system :wink: